Join us at EISA 2022

Members of the research group are organising the Section ” Spatializing International Relations” at EISA 2022. See description below and apply with panels, roundtables, and abstracts!


Analysing violent conflicts and peace processes from a spatial perspective is slowly but steadily holding entry into IR in general and peace and conflict studies in particular. Yet, there has been no sustained inquiry into linking peace and conflict with space and place. A spatial analysis can provide new and important insights into processes of peace and the dynamics of conflict as situated within and constitutive of different spaces and places. This innovative section thus explores war and peace through spatial approaches, both empirically and theoretically and in doing so advances and emplaces the field. Currently, much of the academic writing inadvertently incorporates a spatial perspective when focusing on struggles over territory, borders or resources. Institutional analysis, geo-political investigations, but also global vs. local debates and place-based perspectives assume an integral and strongly space-related part of academic frameworks. What is missing in current IR-scholarship, though, is to bring to the fore the spatial dimension of these spaces, places and sites and to assess how they condition – and are conditioned by – conflict and peace processes. These social and political practices cannot be considered detached from the particularities of the grounded sites they take place in. To fill this lacuna and to advance the spatial turn in IR, the section explores the emergence of conflict and peace as situated within and constitutive of different spaces. All panels, roundtables and papers employ space as an analytic category and develop strong theoretical contributions as well as offering new empirical insights based on original research.